The Home Office Hurdle: How Can I Make it Fit?

Don’t Cut Corners
To be able to fit an office into your small space you must become a master at utilizing the most out of your space! Finding a small nook desk is the easy part, but finding this nook in your home can be a little bit more challenging. Even the tiniest of nooks can be rearranged to fit in a desk and a chair.  Sometimes, the desk will be the only thing you can squeeze. Don’t stop here! Think tall not wide! Open walls can be just as valuable as bare floors. Floating shelves are very inexpensive and can be easily installed to hold a variety of office supplies, not to mention decor!  Small nooks can be easily hidden by hanging some sheer curtains.

Storage Savy
We all fall head over heels for a piece of accent furniture that is stunning and also comes along with spacious storage features. Some of us though, can get a little carried away. These spacious pieces usually are larger than other regular furniture, causing more space to be used in the apartment in the long run. If you have a nightstand, ottoman, side tables, etc., all with storage features, do you think you are actually using all of them? For myself, I realized I had some things stored here and some things stored there. Take a look at your space and get rid of furniture that you don’t  necessarily need. For example, if you have an accent table that has a few drawers full of things, transfer those materials to other storage spaces with room (dresser, closet, nightstand) now you can make space for an office desk!

The Entryway Exception
Instead of the expected chest or console table (which is usually unneeded storage space). Find a small office desk with a great accent chair to cozy up and make the entry more inviting. I myself have been obsessing with accent chairs and look for any opportunity to fit them into my space.

White for the Win
Compact spaces are the most likely to look cluttered quickly. Sticking with light tones will help to make your small nook look clean and more balanced. 

Need more pop?  Break the monotony of white by adding a patterned wallpaper or floor tiles but stick to the same family of colors.

Kitchen Kozy
Everyone loves a nice open kitchen, but adding a small office will not close yours off! You can still add a small office to your kitchen and keep a great open feeling. Look for the dead space and walls in your kitchen. Here you can repurpose some of your kitchen storage and shelves to be double-duty. A lot of us keep calendars, to do lists and more in our kitchen, why not fit in the rest of your work here?! Some of your kitchen storage may not be fully utilized, see where you can reorganize your area to feature both office and kitchen elements.