Home Improvements That Help with Energy Efficiency

Here are some tips:

– Caulk around windows and doors to make sure all cracks and holes are sealed
– Add area rugs to your tile and wood floors. This helps add an extra layer of insulation
– Window coverings can significantly improve your energy efficiency by preventing heat loss and solar heat retention by at least 30% or more
– Buy insulated garage doors and exterior doors
– Add insulation throughout your home. Experts recommend that you add insulation if you haven’t done so in more than 20 years
– Reverse your ceiling fans. Running them counter clockwise makes it cooler during the summer months and running them clockwise in the winter helps circulate warm air back into the room
– Replace your furnace filters. Generally speaking, filters should be replaced every month during the heating season.
– Replace your outdated furnace. Check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s do-it-yourself energy audit on their website.