Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Style with Window Treatments

You’ve bought new furniture, applied fresh paint and even changed your flooring, but your room still feels like it is lacking something. Also, your room feels drafty and cold in the winter and hot in certain areas in the summer. It may be time to take a look at your window coverings. Gone are the days of the plain metal, horizontal, white blinds we are used to. The variety of window coverings available today can change your window to match your room’s style making it more stylish and updated. Also, your window coverings can change your room’s lighting. The right light can change everything from your room’s style to your mood.

Windows do more than just allow light in and offer a view. They’re also like a valve that allows heat and cold to flow through the glass very easily. Your home can lose up to 50% of it’s heating and cooling energy through your windows. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of energy-efficient styles in a range of insulation levels to help reduce heat loss in the winter or solar heat gain in the summer. A study done with an infrared camera showed the Hunter Douglas Duette Architella shades had a reduction of unwanted solar heat through the windows by 80% and a reduction of 40% heat loss in the winter. No matter where you live, Hunter Douglas has a window covering that will help conserve energy at the window and offer you year round comfort. The energy efficiency Hunter Douglas provides your windows is a smart investment for your home for many years to come.

Hunter Douglas has mastered the art of window dressing. They are not only stylish and versatile, but energy efficient with modern operating systems, child safety, light control and motorization. Superior products are a given, but it’s the experienced dealers, like Yetzer, that make Hunter Douglas special. Yetzer can offer a wealth of design and product knowledge by helping you find the right window covering, fabrics, and options that best fit your specific needs, as well as provide precise measurement and installation. With Yetzer, you can count on well-informed advice and outstanding customer service every step of the way. Please call Yetzer to set up an appointment to visit our Hunter Douglas design room at 952-442-4242. The benefits of a Hunter Douglas window covering are not only energy efficiency, but also a dramatically beautiful window.